SRCD 2016
Special Topics Meeting on Technology and Media in Children's Development
Irvine, California
October 27-30

Important Dates

  • Mar 2 Submission system opens
  • Apr 6 Submission system closes
  • May 15 Doctoral Consortium Deadline
  • Aug 15 Pre-Conference Workshop Deadline
  • Oct 27 Conference begins
  • Oct 30 Conference ends


Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: Doctoral Consortium –

The Doctoral Consortium (DC) at TMCD 2016 is a forum for doctoral students interested in child development and technology/media to present their work and receive feedback and guidance from established community members. It is a closed event where only PhD students can participate.

Interested students should submit a 4-page extended abstract describing

  1. Their research topic
  2. The work so far
  3. The methods used
  4. Any early stage findings or preliminary results
  5. The planned next steps

Preference will be given to students who have already worked at least 9 months on their PhD and who have more than 9 months of work left to do (thus students should be approximately at the thesis proposal stage or thereafter).

Papers should be authored primarily by the doctoral student, although advisors and collaborators may be listed as co-authors if appropriate.

We encourage submissions for the following conference themes:

  • Children as producers and consumers of media and technology
  • Media and technology in the service of development
  • Innovative methods for studying children and media
  • Technology as a tool for developmental interventions and for studying development

Abstracts will be selected based on quality and the benefits students may derive from participating in the DC. Recipients will receive free conference registration and two nights of lodging. The application for the Doctoral Consortium can be found [here]

Doctoral Consortium overview

The DC will be held on Thursday October 27th, 2016, in conjunction with other pre-conference events, and doctoral students will have both informal and formal opportunities to connect with senior researchers. All participating students will:

  • Be matched with a peer doctoral student and an established mentor
  • Present their work orally and receive feedback through discussion
  • Share a poster that will be displayed through the remainder of the conference
  • Participate in a cocktail dinner co-hosted by the other pre-conferences
  • Be invited to a professional development panel hosted during the conference
  • Participate in activities designed to promote discussion between doctoral students and established community members, including project “speed dating” and break-out discussion groups on topics of interest.

These activities will take place primarily on October 27th, though break-out groups, mentoring opportunities, and poster session discussions may continue throughout the remainder of the conference. Our aim is to provide doctoral consortium participants with a strong sense of belonging in this emerging field, closer ties to established researchers, a better understanding of how to frame their work for diverse audiences, and a clearer sense of the careers available to them within this interdisciplinary field.

Details concerning DC Submission

I. The four-page extended abstracts must have 1” margins and a font size of no less than 11 point. The submission should illustrate, in a logical and coherent manner, the aims and objectives of the proposed research, by clearly describing:

  1. The research topic
  2. The work so far
  3. The methods used
  4. Any early stage findings or preliminary results
  5. The planned next steps

II. A 5th page should identify 3 potential senior scholars who work at the intersection of media or technology and children’s development, and whom the doctoral student is particularly interested in having as mentors. For each senior scholar please list departmental and university affiliation, and email contact information. Attempts will be made to match each student with at least one of these mentors.

III. Also on the 5th page, please list the age group you work with: infants, toddlers, elementary school children, adolescents, etc.

Important dates

Submit four-page abstracts by: May 15th
Receive acceptance by: End of June, 2016
Doctoral Consortium: October 27th, 2016


Contact Dr. Justine Cassell ( with any additional questions about participation.

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