SRCD 2016
Special Topics Meeting on Technology and Media in Children's Development
Irvine, California
October 27-30

Important Dates

  • Mar 2 Submission system opens
  • Apr 6 Submission system closes
  • May 15 Doctoral Consortium Deadline
  • Aug 15 Pre-Conference Workshop Deadline
  • Oct 27 Conference begins
  • Oct 30 Conference ends


Call for Submissions

Call for Submission: SRCD-JACOBS FOUNDATION Pre-Conference Workshop

Thursday, October 27th from 9AM to 5PM

Organizers: Gillian Hayes, Kleist Professor in Informatics, Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences, School of Education, and School of Medicine, UC Irvine Candice Odgers, Professor of Public Policy, Psychology and Neuroscience, Duke University Amy Ogan, Assistant Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, Carnegie Mellon University

Technology and technology mediated communication and learning has become ubiquitous in the lives of children and adolescents. Children are spending an unprecedented amount of time interacting with mobile devices and those interested in promoting children’s healthy development are working to leverage new technologies to better understand and intervene in the lives of young people.

Unfortunately, technology has been moving faster than the science required to document its effects and harness its full potential. Limited scientific inquiry is transferring across these communities. As a result, many developmental scientists, educators and those invested in understanding and improving the lives of children and adolescents by harnessing the power of new technologies are being left behind. Similarly, technology focused researchers are limited in their work by the inherent struggle to stay up to date with child development, education, and family health research. To address these gaps, we are organizing a series of events to support training and team across multiple disciplines. This workshop is the first in that series.

  • The morning will begin with presentations by groups of researchers who have already succeeded in crossing these disciplinary boundaries, describing some of the pitfalls and challenges as well as how they overcame these challenges.
  • A working lunch and breakout sessions will follow with the goal of fostering explicit team formation and guidance for future work.
  • Reflection and report out from the breakout sessions will follow.
  • Team-building and networking with others who are interested and/or experienced in this kind of work
  • Guidance in creation of new pilot projects
  • Limited competition for seed funding to support pilot projects coming from this workshop
  • Insight into and advance information about training programs that will follow on from this workshop

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